Week 1, We have found the Messiah!

A series of 5 Tuesday evenings during Lent at Snelson Methodist Chapel. There will be input from either Revd Scott Manning or Revd Gerri Tetzlaff followed by questions to consider and discussion. Refreshments will be served during the evening.


7th March    14th March    21st March    28th MArch    and 4th April

Contact Revd Gerri for more information.


Christmas Fair - Chelford
Christmas Fair - Chelford
Christmas Fair - Chelford    
Christmas Fair - Marthall
Candle lit carols at Marthall
Carols with the animals - Chelford market


Many thanks to Marilyn for organising the Autumn Fayre and, of course, all who manned stalls and provided excellent mulled wine and mince pies. It went well! One and a half hours of frenzied activity! The generosity and enthusiasm of Chelford folk is never to be underestimated.

The queue for the Tombola never seemed to end. 


Nov 15





 Well over twenty of us went on the walk which took us through the park at Over Peover to visit the church of St Laurence. The weather was not wonderful but neither was it foul. The thought of the sandwiches and chips that were waiting at the pub sustained us.


The church proved to be an historical gem - parts date back to the 1400s.

The US flag, the Stars and Stripes, was presented by General Patton during the second world war. There was only one other presented to a church in Britain - the flag only has 48 stars as at the time Hawaii and Alaska had not joined the union.    


 An ever present reminder of mortality hung on the wall with cautionary verse below. The poor chap looked like he needed to come to the pub with us for a good feed.


The sandwiches and chips were spot on - our thanks to the Parkgate Inn in Over Peover. The company was quite good too.