New Organ for St John’s Church!


Chelford Church will in the near future be purchasing a ‘new’ organ, an Allen Bravura L-227t Organ to be precise. This venture has been a step of faith for us as well as being something of a necessity. We are fortunate to be in receipt of a generous bequest and the family are very happy for it to be used in this way.


We want to be able to hear great music in the church, not only at services both regular and on all those special occasions but also at recitals and concerts that many people will be able to enjoy with us. We see this as a positive step towards a hopeful future for the church.


The cost of the new organ is £15,950 and the bequest will mean that we only need to raise £2,000 to make up the balance. We are asking for your help in this and hope that through fund-raising and generous donations we will be able to realise this amount.


If you wish to make a donation, either:


  • Send a cheque made payable to Chelford and Lower Withington PCC to: Mr Ian Johnston, PCC Treasurer, Dalefields, Macclesfield Road, Chelford, Macclesfield SK11 9AH with a note saying that it is for the Organ Fund.

  • Alternatively give on the plate at church services in an envelope marked Organ Fund.


Please see the insert with more information on the new organ, from Charles Rogers.


We will keep you informed of progress in the coming months.


With grateful thanks, Revd Gerri Tetzlaff



* * * * * *



Dear Friends




Already the nights are getting a little shorter and we are enjoying just a bit more light each day.


This time of year can be difficult for some people who suffer from lack of light and often most of us generally would appreciate more time in daylight hours. I find myself a little more reluctant to go out in the evenings, particularly to somewhere new which involves searching for a road or a house and not being able to see the numbers on the doors!


Looking for light is something that Christians find help with in scripture. God’s word that ‘enlightens’ our hearts and minds to see a way through what might seem like dark times. Psalm 119 v 105 says: ‘Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.’ Indeed one of the names of Jesus Christ is ‘the Word of God’.


Yet it isn’t all about words either. We know Jesus as being God in human form – showing us how to live, how to relate to one another. To be people who care for others, help the lost and broken in society and reach out to those who are lonely, sad or frightened. People who look outwards more than inwards – yes, I mean that! That isn’t always easy and of course any of us can go through hard times and need support – it’s a bit of a circle really. We give to others and when we are in need, others give to us. Not a ‘payback’ system; more than that – a life that enables us to receive as well as give. Often it’s the receiving that we find hardest of all.


As this year moves on let’s look to what we might do for others and allow ourselves to receive too.


Blessings in Christ


Revd Gerri Tetzlaff